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Mardan – The City of Hospitality

Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi School GirlsMardan is a city and headquarters of Mardan District in the Khyber pukhtoonkhwa Province, Pukhtunkhwa of Pakistan, Headquarter of Yousafzai tribe,the second largest populated city of NWFP. It is located at 34°12’0N 72°1’60E with an altitude of 283 metres  lying the south-west of the district. Most of its land is agricultural. It has one of the world’s best irrigation systems, which was laid down by the British government during British Rule of the subcontinent (1857–1947). It was part of the ancientn Gandhara Civilizatio. There are still remains of the Gandhara Civilization, scattered in different areas of Mardan.
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The sender and writer of this article is Nadia from Mardan. Nadia is the doing bachelors of Science from Khyber college Mardan.

Welcome to Lahore

feb 15, 2008Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi BabesDesi School GirlsAbout 75% of residents have their own conveyances. The Lahore Central Railway Station, built during the British colonial era, is located in the heart of the city.The roads in the city are well maintained and are broadened when needed to meet increasing demand. Pakistan Railways is headquartered in Lahore. Pakistan Railways provides an important mode of transportation for commuters and connects distant parts of the country with Lahore for business, sightseeing, pilgrimage, and education.  It is ranked 40 in the most populated urban areas in the world.According to the 1998 census, Lahore’s population was 6,318,745. A mid-2006 government estimate now puts the population at approximately 10 million.
Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. After Karachi it is the second largest city in Pakistan. The city lies along the Ravi River, located approximately 25 kilometres from Wagah border crossing and is 32 kilometres from the Indian city of Amritsar. As the Historical point of view Lahore has been a center of cultural heritage for many civilizations. In the 11th century, Lahore is  successively served as regional capital of the empires of the Shahi kingdoms.  the Ghaznavids in the 12th century, the Ghurid State in the 12th and 13th century, the Mughal Empire in the 16th century, the Sikh Empire in the early 19th century, and it was the capital of the Punjab region under the British Raj in the mid 19th and early 20th century. There are so many historical Mughal structures such as the Badshahi Mosque, the Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, and the mausolea of Jehangir and Nur Jehan are popular tourist attractions for the city.
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Lahore Girls
Aasia, Nosheen, Farah, Kanwal, Noreen and her friends have sent this article through email from Lahore. They love their city and want us to write more about Lahore, its food and culture.

Announcing Desi Babes Beta Launch

feb 7, 2008Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi BabesDesi School Girls
eDesiBabes.com (Desi Babes) is a beta launch. Its not a final product yet, we want to give you a new pure desi taste with a lot of masala. eDesiBabes.com will feature articles from women of every walk of life and their common interests.
To improve this blog and for further development, we are curiously looking forward for your feedback.
Lets get reedy for lots of Desi Fun! Enjoy!

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