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Importance of English Language in India

nov 14, 2009
In India teachers have to work at home preparing lectures as teaching first grade English language learners in mainstream classes how to read has already become a growing national problem that faces many new first grade teachers. In the beginning, teachers should use ongoing mini assessments to know first the starting points of instruction.
Teaching adults is very different than teaching students in a formal school setting. They are cognitively more mature and motivated. However during the first week of classes, I heard many ‘I can’t do it’ voices in the first week especially from the older adults, who were certain that English was simply a maze of grammatical forms and verbiage that they still couldn’t grasp thirty years earlier when they were in High School. In this particular type of situation, it is important to lay the ground rules while easing your adult students into a routine while helping them all along the way.
Author Profile:
Pari Singh is an educator and teaches in a high school. Pari is an English teacher and she loves teaching English as a second language to her students. Pari Singh thinks being a native English speaker or a non native English speaker literally means that you have a very very marketable skill at your disposal. English is in demand India and you can speak it what a great stroke of luck that is!

How to Start Career as Beautician

nov 14, 2009Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi Bhabhi
No matter how poor the economy or the unemployment rate, people are always willing to spend money to look more beautiful, and there will always be a demand for professional cosmetologists, estheticians and beauty specialists. You can learn to be a professional beautician with good training in cosmetology, and it can take just a few months to become certified.
A good course in cosmetology and beauty can cover a variety of topics, from barbering to nail technology. A beautician or cosmetologist can be certified in manicuring, skin care, hair styling, makeup application, electrolysis, waxing, and many other areas. Some students will choose a specialty, which can take about nine months for certification. Others will seek an associate degree in cosmetology and barbering, which will be more comprehensive and can take approximately two years to complete. The more time spent learning the various programs, the greater your employment opportunities. The choice of how far to go is up to the individual.

If you would like to learn to be an esthetician (skin care specialist), there are hundreds of good courses in skin care and esthetics available. You can learn all about performing facials, body wrapping, aromatherapy, and even how to manage a skin care business. To become certified in skin care takes between 17 and 40 weeks of full time study, and the job outlook upon graduation is excellent. Graduates can find jobs working in a dermatology clinic, spa, or beauty salon
Some students will prefer to learn the art of beauty, which can take many forms. Students can choose to focus on hair styling and design, makeup application, manicuring and pedicuring, and more. The length of a beauty course depends on the exact specialty chosen, the specific beauty school, and the region in which you will practice. Some states have heavy regulations for beauticians, and others have little regulation.
Author Profile:
Chakwal Girl
Asifa Raja has sent this photo from Chakwal. Asifa is a beautician, she runs a beauty parlor at her home in Chakwal. Asifa is a married house woman, her husband is an armed personal, he is serving in Pakistan’s special services group.

How to made Your Honeymoon Trip Perfect

oct 24, 2009Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi Bhabhi
A honeymoon is a great occasion for newlyweds. A fun-filled and exciting honeymoon can be memorable, and is a source of great pleasure and excitement.The pristine beaches and the rain-forests give you an idea that this exotic land of human craving can give you the riches.
Here we would like to provide a little honeymoon advice for newly we couples. Proper planning is of paramount importance for making a honeymoon vacation trouble-free.
The necessary arrangements should be made, and proper care taken to organize the honeymoon vacation in such a manner so that it matches the couples� specific financial plan. Couples can plan to spend their honeymoon vacation in a tropical destination or can add a sense of adventure and exploration to their trip by journeying across Europe. They can also enjoy their special vacation by unwinding on board a cruise ship.
There are numerous places for honeymoon vacations, with lots of exquisite things to discover and novel experiences to benefit from but important thing is to plan properly to have lots of fund.
About Authors:
honeymoon vacation
Ajay and Sumon sent this photo of their honeymoon vacation trip. A memorable trip for two love birds. They visited Bahamas, stayed at small islands. Holidaying in the rich, tropical honeymoon resorts was the best way to start a blissful married life for this couple.

UK – The Country of History

jun 26, 2009Author: Guru | Filed under: Desi Bhabhi
Saba is the editor of this article because she loves UK. This country is all about history. With such a rich and varied past it’s really no surprise that England is teeming with places of historical significance. From ruins to carvings, from mines to stone circles to prehistoric coastline. Britain has it all in abundance and much of it is in England. Take a look at some great historic sites to visit across the regions.
The history of the United Kingdom as a unified sovereign state began with the political union of the kingdoms of England, which included Wales, and Scotland.
Britain south of the Forth broadly incorporated into the Roman Empire; thereafter invasion by the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th and 6th centuries; invasions by the Vikings in the 9th century, through to the Norman conquest of England in 1066; the development of the separate states of England and Scotland from the 9th century, and competition and cooperation between those states. The British Isles faced no further successful military incursion after the Norman conquest of England in 1066, allowing England and Scotland to each develop political, administrative and cultural institutions including representative governance, law systems, and distinguished contributions to the arts and sciences, upon which the United Kingdom was built.
Socialite Sheetal Mafatlal
Sheetal Mafatlal the president for ?Mafatlal Luxury? was arrested on Sunday 7th June, 2009 for allegedly carrying undisclosed jeweler and diamonds worth over $105,000.
But who is Socialite Sheetal Mafatlal? Socialite Sheetal Mafatlal is married in past industrial family Mafatlal. She is famous in Bollywood and celebrity circles for her barbecue parties. She is a famous celebrity.
Socialite Sheetal Mafatlal, was detained at the Mumbai International Airport on Sunday for carrying undisclosed diamonds, jewelry and numerous high-end accessories, she arrived via British Airways flight from London and landed on Mumbai Airport on Saturday night at 10 pm and tried to past through the green channel saying she had nothing to declare, but custom officers at the Mumbai Airport had already been tipped off by some family members stopped her and insisted to check her luggage. It was then when they have discovered all the valuables in her bag. Exact value of the recovered diamonds, jewelry and accessories is yet to be ascertained.
It has been two nights that Sheetal Mafatlal is in Customs custody. Yesterday on Monday she has appeared at the Esplanade Court near CST and to keep in with the importance of the situation, Sheetal Mafatlal wore a peach colored Indian dress. She was hot wearing any heavy jewelry just a simple topaz ring on the index finger, an eternity band on the wedding band finger and a large watch. Large pearl and stone earrings were hanging in long beautiful hairs and wearing an oversized bumblebee glasses.


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